About Our Philosophy

What we Strive For

    The Gymnastic Place (TGP) prides itself on providing a safe, fun, positive environment where students are able to be creative, achieve their goals, develop self esteem, and grow physically and emotionally.

    At TGP the children always come first and we want every child to feel special. We aim to develop positive self esteem by instilling values of good sportsmanship, self discipline, respect and accountability.
    TGP is committed to standard of excellence. The values you can expect from each member of our mature, motivated staff is: Excellence, Integrity, Experience, Training and Motivation.

    Every member of our staff enjoys working with children and watching them grow and improve. They encourage them to work hard. We strive for mutual respect, patients and honesty between staff, students, parents, and visitors to the gym.

Parent Observation!
For your child's safety we strongly suggest you do not stay for observation of his or her class. We will offer a mock meet and show throughout the year to show your child's progression and talents they have learned

About Our Team

Tia Hetu

Tia is the owner of The Gymnastic Place and her passion to work with young gymnasits is unparalleled.